About us

Welcome to RPM12 Ltd,

Our services reflect the needs of our clients be it building awareness, generating enquiries or growing social communities, sharing news, or selling a specialist classic car.

We look for the opportunities, the partners and the stories to target your customers and market influencers and get them to interact or engage.

We specialise in servicing the needs of Automotive and Motorsport clients. With over 20 years experience in data driven direct marketing, event management all within the Automotive Industry we have a wealth of contacts to ensure we make the most of your press opportunities.

We believe ‘innovation’ is the key to a successful campaign. It’s an innovative idea which will create an emotional response, and it’s the emotional response combined with good PR and a Social Media strategy that will build your brand awareness, loyalty, recommendations and ultimately your sales.

RPM12 own and manage the marketing platform Classic.Directory purely designed to help clients reach a wider audience.  We also publish our own Classic Motorsport Journal both digitally and in print called: Auto Addicts.

If you would like to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your companies requirements please email sarah @ rpm12.co.uk  call Sarah on (+44) 07785 240121.

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