Evolution E-Types Press Campaign

This was a fun project to work on, showcasing the talents of Evolution E-types a manufacturer based in Darlington Newcastle, I not only briefly directed their whole marketing plan for them, but also had the pleasure of designing this ad campaign which ran during the summer of 2019 in all the main classic automotive titles : Classic & Sports Car, Motorsport, Octane and of course Auto Addicts.

The aim of the copy was to put the reader into the driving seat, and Uryk very kindly let me experience driving one of his perfectly engineered E-types to help me get into the zone.

The Copy read:

Picture yourself slipping behind the wheel of this Evolution Jaguar E-Type. You close the door with a satisfying clunk; you hit the start button and heads turn as the hi-torque XK engine instantly fires into life. Take a moment and breathe in the glorious smell of the sumptuous full leather interior and rich wool carpets. As you hit the open road you experience an E-type that drives like no other. Super smooth idle with impeccable road manners means daily traffic can be handled with ease and there’s no wallowing, weaving or hesitation here, just immense stability from our semi-active suspension, cornering like it’s on rails with pinpoint accuracy from the electric assisted, high-ratio steering rack and a confidence boosting geometry set-up. You find a gap, drop into second using the 5-speed gearbox and plant the throttle. Oodles of torque are just waiting on your command. Enjoy the glorious sound of that twin-cam on song, all the time feeling quietly reassured that the ten piston-assisted disc brakes are ready to stop you on the nose.

You’re smiling because this isn’t your Sunday drive, this is your daily commute. This isn’t just another E-type. It’s an Evolution E-Type. Re-engineered for the 21st Century. Carefully balancing technical innovation without losing an ounce of character