Brookspeed set to bring a Privateer Bentley back to GT Racing via Fan Funded Team

Full Brookspeed GT3-Mobil



Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club has been set up to bring the ‘privateer spirit’ of Bentley back to Endurance racing using Brookspeed’s racing pedigree and total passion for the Bentley marque and the Bentley Continental GT3. The Bentley GT3 race car will be owned by the club members with finance raised via fan/crowd-funding.
Multi championship winning Brookspeed who have previously won the British GT Championship has set up the club with the aim of finding 500 members. They will share in the purchase and ownership of a Bentley GT3 racecar scheduled to campaign in the 2015 British GT Championship and selected International events.
With crowd-funding now an accepted business or project funding method, it is still very new to motorsport and pioneered by BBRC, Brabham and more recently Caterham F1 who succeeded in raising enough money to return to F1 in Abu Dhabi.
Brookspeed’s crowd-funding model will give investors the opportunity of becoming not only members of the Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club, but an integral part of the race team. The tiered membership program offered by Brookspeed provides investors with a range of options, including the type of access to the inner workings of the race team and ownership privileges normally reserved for major sponsors and their guests, senior team members and manufacturers.
The platform is set with the involvement of professional drivers Andy Wallace and his ex Le Mans team mate Justin Bell, plus Radical SR1 Cup front runner James Guess who will be the amateur driver for the British GT campaign.
Brookspeed Principal Martin Braybrook, part of the Harrods McLaren programme of 1995-96 is the driving force and Team Principal of the project which started in August this year. A number of high profile partners are already on board including club ambassador and honorary member, legendary racing driver Derek Bell MBE. He also has the blessing of Bentley Head of Motorsport Brian Gush and Bentley Team manager John Wickham.
For further information and details of how to become a supporters or founder member of the Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club visit:
“I am very encouraged by the initial take-up of the project” commented Braybrook, “Our launch on Indiegogo ( ) is the second stage of the project.  Simply through word of mouth we attracted over 30 founder members, this prior to Brabham and subsequently Caterham F1 launching their initiatives. Having put a solid foundation in place, the time is now right for us to launch the Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club onto a bigger stage. I am excited about using Crowd-funding and like social media, is a business tool of the internet generation, and now a proven concept in motorsport.
I think what all motorsport fans want is the chance to engage with their sport – with the team, with the drivers and feel part of the team. At minimal cost and with no ongoing commitment this club provides them with this opportunity. We have a range of offers to suit all budgets and it is the perfect gift for die hard racing fans who would like to get closer to the action. With Bentley’s blessing I feel confident we can hit our targets.” – Team Principal: Martin Braybrook
“I have no doubt that the enthusiasm and professionalism of Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club will not only ensure success in attracting members to this great concept, but will also translate into success on the track and I am excited to be supporting it” – Derek Bell MBE
“Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club is the most exciting prospect in motorsport launched to date. This “Crowd Funding” model allows enthusiasts to be a part of the team, not just a distant observer. A brilliant idea !” — Glynn Williams MBE, Motorsport journalist
“ I was also delighted to touch base with you Martin and this exciting project that I feel W.O. Would approve of.” — Miles Hutton, Step grandson of W.O. Bentley
Notes to Editors:
Membership benefits for individuals start from as little as £50 to become a Brookspeed supporter where you can enjoy invitations to all BBRC events and testing at discounted rates, you receive your BBRC supporters certificate, newsletters & race reports. Membership categories are offered at £250, £500 and £1000 gets you Founder Member status with team wear, race tickets, branded Bentley gifts and your personalised Founder Members certificate.
For those wanting to get closer to the action membership levels at £2000, £3000 and £5000 let you become part of the pit crew for a day in the UK, or at Spa Francorchamps and the highest tier gets you in the passenger seat for a high speed thrilling ride with Le Mans winners Derek Bell or Andy Wallace  on a track day around Silverstone.
For more information contact:
Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club
14 Parham Drive, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 4NU
Tel: +44(0) 2380 641672