Jordan Grand Prix Collection For Sale

Cars InternationalCI Jordan collectionMS Helmet  is proud to represent the owner in selling the Jordan collection with all proceeds going to CLIC Sargent & the Amber Foundation The BBC F1 show host and former Jordan Grand Prix Team owner Eddie Jordan OBE has requested that the collection of historically important cars and memorabilia should be sold with all the proceeds going to CLIC Sargent and the Amber Foundation.

Eddie Jordan commented, “These two F1 cars were kept because of their history, the good memories and what they meant to the team. But it’s time to let them go and the money will be used to good effect helping young people and their families cope with cancer (CLIC Sargent) and getting young adults back on the straight and narrow (Amber Foundation).”

The collection includes the first Jordan Grand Prix car ever built, chassis number 01. Designed by Gary Anderson, 191 is a highly significant car as it was driven by Michael Schumacher. It comes complete with Michael’s original helmet, signed and given to Eddie Jordan personally by the now seven times World Champion to express his gratitude for his first Grand Prix racing opportunity!

The collection is not going to auction but being sold privately through Cars International who have the benefit of a full F1 engineering team with the expertise to provide service and maintenance to these vehicles should the new owner wish to use them for demonstrations or racing!

Interested parties should contact David Williamson on 07778 097377 email or Cars International on:  +44 (0)1488 71029 CI-Logo-Grad