Bringing social conversations together to drive web activity.

Here at RPM12SuperStock social wall we are big advocates of having multiple channels when it come to social media. Multiple channels increase your digital footprint and allow fans and followers to find and engage with you on the platform of their choice.

However, whilst some fans choose to engage on one channel they might be missing out on interesting gossip on another! The clever boys at Digital Ink who manage various sporting and fan platforms including the sites for P1 SuperStock and P1 AquaX championships have devised a ‘centre of social engagement’ on their championship websites.

This brings together all the conversations going on at any one time across all social channels into one place and allows fans to see what they are missing. Making the social conversations drive activity on the website and encouraging fans to join in. Watch these pages over an event weekend and you will see a constantly updating wall of photos and chatter almost as if you are there!

For a peak of how it works visit: or