Get ready for the British Grand Prix!

Experience the sights and sounds of Formula 1, close up and personal but away from the crowds.

RPM are pleased to offer tickets for a very exclusive private suite overlooking Woodcote corner exit, the track and the pitlane entry road.

You will receive detailed joining instructions with your tickets and VIP passes, and a warm welcome from the suite’s knowledgeable hosts. F1 insiders call in during the day and, to complete the experience, you have the excellent commentary, interviews and circuit action on the suite’s plasma screen, along with leaderboard on separate TV.

A Grand Prix breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea have been specifically designed for the VIP Paddock Suites by Michelin-star chef Stephen Saunders and his catering team, for you to enjoy when you wish without missing a moment of the track action.

Celebrate your special day with a glass of champagne. Enjoy wines, beers and soft drinks from the complimentary bar. Freshly made teas and filter coffee served all day.

Friday 9th July : £175

Saturday 10th July : £299

Sunday 11th July : £955

Saturday & Sunday : £1,250

3 day pass : £1400

Please email the office at :